All The Things...

All The Things...

| June 04, 2019

Last weekend I got to go to the store after lunch. Dad said I needed new clothes since my old ones were too tight. I got to pick out my own shirts and even got new shoes. I don’t like when the sun gets in my eyes, so Dad got me sunglasses too. It was a fun day.

Have you ever thought, what if something happens to all the things I own? What if someone took them or they got lost and you couldn’t find them? I don’t want anything to happen to my new things. Dad said that all of our stuff is covered on our home insurance policy. So, if something did happen, we would be able to get new ones. I was worried until he told me that.

Our policy has something called personal property coverage and it’s based on replacement cost. If that’s not cool enough, its worldwide coverage too. We are covered if something happens to our things anywhere in the world. If we are on vacation, traveling, or visiting friends, we are covered.

You can have this coverage too. Whether you rent your home or own it, personal property coverage can help protect what matters most to you!

Lucas C Biretz – Age 2