Sweet Dreaming...

Sweet Dreaming...

| April 30, 2019

If you aren’t sleeping as peacefully as this, you might have insurance on your mind. Dad always tells me, “when our clients have great coverage and the best companies behind them, they sleep like babies at night.”

I have been sleeping like this ever since I was a baby, more than two years ago! I know we are protected because our family follows a few basic rules.

1.Ask questions! The world is such a big place. I ask my parents questions at least 1000 times a day and sometimes it’s the same question over and over and over again. They love it when I ask stuff! You can do the same thing when it comes to your insurance. If you aren’t sure, ask your agent!

2.Get an annual checkup! I haveto go to the doctors every year. They always make me stand on this thing in the floor and they poke me in the leg with this thing that hurts. I don’t like it, but dad says, “If you want to stay healthy you need to come and get your checkup.” You can do the same thing with your insurance agent. If you don’t already go every year, call them! You might not like it, like me, but it’ll keep you safe.

3. Learn new things! This one is my favorite. I get to learn new things every day. I learn them from my books, my friends at day care, my parents, even when I get to watch my iPad for thirty WHOLE minutes every night! Dad always says, “We can only grow if we learn.” I don’t really know what he means by that, but I think I have an idea for you. You can read the newsletters or other articles your agent sends you or posts online. Those articles are there so you can be more prepared for when something happens. You are already doing it by reading this.

I think if you follow these few rules you will find yourself sleeping like a baby in no time!

See ya next week, bye!

- Lucas C. Biretz (2.5 years old)