Toys, toys, toys

Toys, toys, toys

| June 19, 2019

Have you thought about your toys lately? I think about mine. Last weekend Dad took me downtown for a long walk and I got to take my scooter! Scootin is one of my favorite things to do. When we go scootin, we get to go up and down the river and across the big bridge. It’s so fun because I can go fast. I have to wear my helmet though, in case I fall.

When we were down this weekend, we also saw so many motorcycles driving up the street. They were so loud and going so fast. They were just like me and my scooter except bigger and louder. Dad told me that just like the scooter is my toy the motorcycle is a toy for adults. When you get big like my Dad you can get one and go fast. Mom says I’m never allowed to have one though. Dad even said that some adults get boats, RV’s, and ATV’s as toys. There are so many cool toys adults can get. Just like you get insurance for your cars and your homes, you should get insurance for your toys too. What if you lost it or it broke or someone took it? The insurance would help you replace your toy. You can even get insurance for you if you are hurt falling off while you are riding. That’s why I wear a helmet!

Thanks for stopping by and have fun on your toys this summer, I know I will!  

- Lucas C Biretz (2.5 yrs)