...Up The Water Spout

...Up The Water Spout

| May 07, 2019

Do you know the song, Itsy Bitsy Spider? It's my favorite right now. We sing about how the spider climbed up the water spout but when the rain came down It washed the spider out. 

I was with dad this weekend and we saw some of our neighbors had clogged water spouts. Sometimes leaves, sticks, and other stuff get caught inside. That would be good for itsy bitsy climbing up but not good for your house. Dad told me that if our water spouts get clogged there is no where for the water to go so it builds up on top of our house. It could run over and damage our foundation or even the exterior of the house. Dad said, "If it's bad enough it could even find a way into our house." through something called flashing... 

I think the worst thing of all is that damage caused by clogged water spouts might not be covered by your home owners insurance. So it's so important that you check it out. Itsy bitsy spider wont be excited about your freshly cleaned spouts but your house will be better protected and thats what really matters. 

Im off to check more spouts! See you guys next week!