Water water everywhere...

Water water everywhere...

| May 22, 2019

Since I was a baby, I remember loving the water. I love bath time, going swimming at the pool, even playing in puddles after it rains. Of all the things, I think playing in the water might be the most fun. I know that it can be dangerous though. When its bath time dad taught me that I can’t get in the tub until the light on the faucet is green. If its red I know the water is too hot and if its blue, it’s too cold. Green water is the good water, just right for me.

When we were walking by daddy’s office last weekend, he taught me something else about water. The water down there is big water, a lot bigger than my bath tub or swimming pool, and when it rains it gets even bigger! Sometimes it gets so big that it overflows onto the streets and into people’s homes. When the water gets this big it’s called a flood and it can really hurt you, even more than red water at bath time. The only good thing about a big water is that my dad works with people that help fix your home if it floods. He said flood insurance is a must have when owning a property this close to water. He also said that working with insurance companies that offer private and NFIP insurance policies give his clients the flexibility to obtain great coverage at a price that fits their budget.

If you have a home and it's close to water, you should give us a call. Protecting what matters most to you doesn’t stop at home or auto insurance. It’s the things you may not think about, like floods, that make a partnership with us so valuable.

Have fun in the water this summer! I know I will!

Lucas C Biretz